Welcome to Your Ergonomic Assessment!

Welcome to Ergonomic Assessment

Hi there, my name is Yves (Pronounced ‘Ives’) Silveira, and I’m the Director of Yves Silveira Physiotherapy.

I’m a physiotherapist that specialises in workplace ergonomics. I help the companies I work to mitigate risk by ensuring their teams remain ergonomic, happy and healthy at work.

I have found a serious need in the corporate world!

I have worked in the Occupational Health and Safety space since 2013.

Since then I have come to the understanding that an unsafe work environment is a big contributor to employee pain and dysfunction.

This has led me to work with my corporate clients toward ensuring their staff are working in the best ergonomic state possible.

I have worked with employees of companies like Atlassian, Bauer Media Group, LionCo, Catholic Church Insurance and AFEX Global Payment and Risk Management Solutions.

I have helped improve the workstations (and lives) of countless employees who were suffering the pain which comes from unergonomic workspaces.

Unsafe work setups cause lower profits.

Technology has advanced, and the percentage of office workers in our society has grown. As a result, the Australian economy constantly moves toward more work from home employees.

Unfortunately, many major corporations don’t have a strong influence over the level of ergonomic safety their staff have in place when working from home. The result of this lack of Work Safety is Employee injury, increased sick days and a rise in workers compensation claims.

This affects a company’s overall productivity and profit more than one may expect!

An Ergonomic Assessment is the Solution!

The solution is an Ergonomic Assessment conducted by a qualified professional:

    1. We take a thorough medical history of the employee in order to understand the possible future issues they may face.


    1. We then do an online Ergonomic Consult, create a tailored ‘Ergonomic Roadmap’ and partner in the ongoing implementation.


  1. As a result, you will avoid unsafe work setups, achieve higher attendance and lower worker compensation costs due to having happier healthier employees.

Avoiding a Painful Future

As a qualified Physiotherapist, I believe that an unsafe work environment is a big contributor to the pain and dysfunction that I treat every day. I also believe that a large portion of this is avoidable with the correct guidance and education.

If we are proactive in using the right strategies from the start we can help your company save a lot of unneeded workers compensation claims and you’re employees a lot of ongoing tension and pain.

"A few years ago I was seeing a lot of the staff from a nearby large corporation, they all had similar issues in common. I worked out rather quickly that inappropriate workplace ergonomics was a key factor in the injuries. And until this was addressed the clients weren’t fully recovering.”

“Another time I started treating a client who had been working from home. After taking her history we were able to distinguish that her new work from home set up was a major cause of her pain. After correcting the setup we saw a significant change to her pain levels within 3 days.”

Myself and the team are here to help!

My vision for the future is to help corporations provide safe and happy work environments for their staff whether they work from the office or from home.

To help people decrease stress, anxiety and the risk of pain and injury.

I believe there is incredible power at the intersection of Ergonomics, Physiotherapy and Coaching. I get excited when I am able to utilise this solution to improve the life of one of my clients.

So Let's Work Together!

Contact us to book your Ergonomic Assessment Today!

We will assess your ergonomic needs, then create and implement your ‘Ergonomic Roadmap’ with you.

Let us help Increase your workplace satisfaction, productivity levels and risk avoidance.